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New Orleans School & Church Charter Bus Transportation Services

At New Orleans Charter Bus we guarantee the best services. If you would like to hire a charter bus for your tour with friends or in a church group, then we are the best company in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our buses have been well maintained to assure you the comfort you deserve. We have even gone further to fit different features in the car so that you can be assured the highest luxury possible when traveling on the buses. There are several benefits you enjoy after you decide to hire school and church charter bus transportation. For instance, you will not have to waste time waiting for the tight schedules of public transportation services. We will take you to your preferred destination on time.

Why you need a Group Bus from us

All our buses have passed safety checks

For the tip to run smoothly, you should work with experts who can assure you the best services. All our buses are passed through the local authority tests in Louisiana to ensure they are roadworthy vehicles. We know failure to keep the vehicles in good conditions can expose you to accidents. We carry out background research to ensure we avail to you the best services at all times. As a charter bus company, we put the safety of our customers at the forefront of our operations. You can hire a charter bus from us and you will travel with peace of mind knowing nothing will go wrong.

We carry out regular maintenance on our School Minibuses

If you would like to have school trips which you can enjoy the whole experience, you need to work with us. We have the best buses in town. All the buses are passed through the necessary maintenance procedures so that we can guarantee you great services at all times. Even if you intend to travel over a long distance, you should not worry because we are readily available to allow you to travel over the long distance without any fear.

Highly qualified drivers

Our drivers have undergone the necessary training to ensure you are safe when traveling. There are tips when you would like to visit certain places in Louisiana but you do not know the shortest route to such a given place. You should not fear to let us know about your plans because we have able drivers who can drive you there.

We charge fair rates

It is essential to compare quotes so that you can know the best company where you can access the transportation services. We offer free quotes and from the quote, we will offer you, you will realize we are among the best experts you can hire for the best services and our rates are unbeaten. For the different transpiration services we offer, we ensure we charge fair prices. Our pricing formula is based on the distance and the size of the bus you would like to use. If you would like to hire a minibus then we will charge you less as opposed to a big bus. The distance over which you will travel also dictates the price. You can call us at 504-684-1120.